Germantown: New Dental Office Brightens Up Germantown Avenue

Dentist Zinamit Garcia gave Patricia Hancock a routine cleaning.
Dentist Zinamit Garcia gave Patricia Hancock a routine cleaning.

Just over two weeks ago, Ilya Imyanitov opened up Germantown’s newest dental office. Located at 5616 Germantown Ave., Easy Dental is open to the public for individual’s of all types of insurance.

“They’re aren’t a lot of places that will take low-insurance dental care,” Imyanitov said. “Unlike most dental places, we offer payment plans, and we work with patients to make sure their teeth are taken care of and where it’s affordable so it’s not going to break their bank.”

Many dental businesses do not accept government-sponsored insurance because it pays less. “We’re not a one chair dental office. We’re able to see more people a day so that way it doesn’t really matter if the insurance pays less,” Imyanitov said.

Since its opening, Easy Dental has seen a steady stream of about 25 people per day. Ideally, Imyanitov expects to serve 40 people per day once the business gets going.

“When my partners and I came here, we saw this place looks busy, and there was definitely a need for it,” Imyanitov said.

Many people who come to Easy Dental have never been to the dentist before. Imyanitov said those with government-sponsored insurance often get discouraged. “They’ll get turned down multiple times and will think there are no places that will take their insurance,” Imyanitov said.

Imyanitov and his partners took what used to be a clothing store and renovated it into the vibrant and welcoming office that it is today. The walls coated in bright purple paint are designed to help ease the fear of going to the dentist. For first-time patient Patricia Hancock, the place definitely has a warm atmosphere. “I think it’s nice. It’s clean, and the people here are friendly,” Hancock said. “I’ll definitely be back.”

The modern design helps Easy Dental stand out among other business on the block. “Since we’ve been open, people have been ecstatic,” Imyanitov said. “Business owners have told us we’ve really helped to brighten up the area.”

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