PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods – What is it?

PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods is a publication of the Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab at Temple University. See an interactive map and news stories at this link.

What’s the concept?
Becoming a journalist is an active process, not just passive consumption of course material. Temple University journalism students work in a newsroom setting where they participate in all aspects of news production: text, broadcast, web and digital media. Students experience news gathering, production and dissemination of news in a converged media environment, where they can experiment with new ways of telling stories.

What’s the mission?
PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods is the cornerstone of the Department of Journalism’s mission to better tell stories in the undercovered and underserved neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Students tell the stories that represent the diverse voices of the multicultural and multinational Philadelphia neighborhoods. Each semester students concentrate their news coverage in a targeted Philadelphia neighborhood, and then provide it with topical information and news from the community. PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods provides a form of hyper-local coverage missing from our urban communities: journalism street by street.

The influences of 21st century media demand a new kind of journalism professional who can efficiently and effectively translate stories across the converging media platforms. Increasingly stories are re-purposed over a content spiral from print to broadcast to website to digital media and so on. As technological change drives the way news is presented and consumed, multi-dimensional news reporting over multiple platforms will likely be the norm. Future journalists will have to be competent in writing, reporting and producing news across media platforms, while maintaining the traditional journalism values of accuracy, balance and fairness. We believe Philadelphia Neighborhoods can better prepare students.

Philadelphia Neighborhoods has provided news to a variety of organizations and publications, including Al Dia,,, WHYY and

PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods would like to thank Thomas Petner, the first director of the program, and Armando Morales, the longtime graduate assistant, for the work they did in providing the foundation for future journalists.

Philadelphia Neighborhoods would also like to thank previous co-directors Chris HarperLinn Washington and George Miller for their strong leadership roles, while having earned the program more than 50 awards during their tenure.


Brian Creech, Ph.D
Journalism Department
Klein College of Media & Communication
Temple University


  1. awesome site.
    it would be nice if you could get the an rss feed for each neighborhood though.

  2. Thank you for the goal of this site and for the report on Christian Stronghold Baptist Church. You may be interested in Center City’s Tenth Presbyterian Church, 180 years old,committed to the city, teaching the Bible and serving a wide spectrum of people and needs. See our websites, and For a third party report, go to and click on the attachment below it.

    Dr. David Apple, Director of Mercy Ministry
    Tenth Presbyterian Church, 17th & Spruce St.

  3. The Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab at Temple University is providing great direction for tomorrow’s gifted photojournalists. I was particularly impressed with Sarah Fry’s recent informational composition on Wyck House & Garden’s involvement with the Philadelphia Honey Festival.

  4. I just listened — or tried to listen — to the piece on William Way Community Center & technology. I found the sound level too low, and really couldn’t hear one of the speakers (the woman). I had my computer’s volume cranked up to the max. I am hard of hearing, but am wearing hearing aids. Please try to make all your entries more accessible to everyone. There are lots of folks out there with hearing loss.

  5. I think that this site will do wonders for our communities hearing about stories that otherwise might be over looked. I was brough to your site after a long time family friends busineess was written about. I would have loved to have known about this resource before I moved from Philadelphia to Lawrencville, GA where I have been growing my business that I started two years ago in Philly. Keep up the good work!

  6. Philadelphia Neighborhoods is doing a great job by providing a newsroom setting to the students where they are able to participate in all aspects of news production. This will surely give a right direction to the students and I now believe that Philadelphia Neighborhoods can better prepare students who will become the best journalists of tomorrow.

  7. Re: Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ceremony, St Paul’s Church, 12/1:
    Thanks for covering this.
    Pls let me know if it becomes a feature on the site.

    Charlie Affel, Troop 177 Committee Chairman

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