Northeast Philadelphia: Mixed Martial Artists Ready to Rumble

Cody Young in action, inside the cage. Photo Courtesy of Cody Young.
Cody Young has worked his way to a 4-0 record in MMA. Young (right) is shown victorious, after his last fight. Photo courtesy of Becky Klimowicz.

Xtreme Caged Combat will be bringing some of the best fighters in mixed martial arts (MMA) to the National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia on April 21.

XCC consistently promotes the biggest MMA events in the tri-state area and has groomed some of the top competitors in the sport today.  One fighter on the rise is Philadelphia’s own, Cody Young.

In one of the featured fights on the card, Young will be competing for the 155-pound title against fellow Philadelphia fighter Ben Tichy.

Explaining how he is getting ready for his opponent, Young said he will be more prepared for this fight because he has sparred with Tichy before.

“I know he is a great striker, so I am going to try to take him down and try to beat him on the ground.  I have been watching some of his tapes to get ready for this fight,” Young said.

This won’t be the first time fighting in front of a local crowd. In February, Young won his fourth consecutive fight inside of Boyle’s World Gym in Somerton.

“It’s going to be great to fight in the Armory. More of my friends and family can come because it is close to home and the promotion can showcase talented fighters in front of local people,” Young said.

Young’s trainer Joe Cherna, said the fan base for MMA has grown significantly in Philadelphia.

Young trained with his fellow martial-artists at Tri-State Academy in Levittown, Pa.

“I think more people understand the hard work and dedication fighters go through to become fighters.  They know it takes a lot of guts to get inside the cage and go at it with someone,” Chernay said. “Places like World Gym and the Armory want to hold MMA events now because it has become so popular.”

This will be the first XCC event held in the Armory.

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