Cedar Park: Girls’ Camp Continues Leadership Programs

Director Alisha Berry stood in Camp Sojourner’s office next to a photo collage of particpants from its 2012 summer program.
Director Alisha Berry stood in Camp Sojourner’s office next to a photo collage of participants from its 2012 summer program.

Founded on the values of respect, diversity and collaboration, Camp Sojourner, the Girls’ Leadership Camp has continued to provide young girls from the ages of 8 to 17 with the tools to be well-rounded individuals.

Unlike a traditional outdoor camp, Camp Sojourner is housed inside the Calvary Center for Community and Culture at 48th Street and Baltimore Avenue.

The organization also provides its services not only in the summer but also during the school year. Its summer program  is extended to the school year by providing meetings three times a week for community service, teen group meetings and  mentoring  female participants.

Director Alisha Berry said the program does differ during the school year, but its main focus continues to be developing leadership traits.

“These authentic opportunities are essential because they give girls a chance to take risks and grow in a more personal sense,” Berry said.

This year the camp launched its Teen Leadership Institute, which has hired interns to help plan and facilitate projects during the year. The teens meet with staff members individually after school for mentoring and college prep support.

“Our girls are gaining good critical awareness skills and gaining insight into what it means to have confidence in all aspects of their life,” Berry said.

The camp has started preparations for its first annual Girl’s Leadership Walk-a-thon. which is scheduled for March.

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed to come help with planning events for the girls, Berry said.

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