Port Richmond: Taste of the Neighborhood

The 'Sauce on Top' Pizza Pie

Located in the heart of Port Richmond, Aramingo’s Best Pizza has been serving up its signature “Sauce on Top” pie for almost 20 years.

The 'Sauce on Top' pizza is the signature dish.

Created unlike other pies throughout Philadelphia, Aramingo’s Best starts out with a thick layer of cheese before spiraling on a tangy tomato sauce on a thin crust.

The result is a pie that would make even pizza purists clamoring for more.

“You can’t get a good slice of pizza in the suburbs. You have to come to the city,” says Nick Pappas, co-partner of Aramingo’s Best, which is located at 2885 Aramingo Ave. “And we’re the busiest place in the neighborhood.”

It helps that Pappas says this while he and his staff are busy running around putting together multiple orders for pickup and delivery over their expansive delivery area.

Nick Pappas (right) and Aris combine to make one powerful pizza.

Even though they’re known throughout Port Richmond for the signature slice, there’s more to what makes Aramingo’s Best the go-to spot for the community.

“Our customer service and fast delivery. 20 to 30 minutes tops,” explains Pappas. “But we’re also involved in the community.”

Nearly two decades of perfect pizzas and a welcoming atmosphere have led Aramingo’s Best to have a special foothold in Port Richmond. The shop regularly sponsors youth athletic teams in the neighborhood.

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