Port Richmond: Pharmacy Caters to the Neighborhood’s Elderly

Opened eight years ago by a Temple University graduate, the Olde Philly Pharmacy at 2923 E. Thompson St. has been fulfilling prescriptions, and providing home deliveries, for the people of Port Richmond since day one.

Owner of three pharmacies (one in Fishtown and another in South Philadelphia), Jimmy Cirillo chose Port Richmond as a location for his first establishment, simply because it has a special place in his heart.

Pharmacist Jimmy Cirillo filling a prescription for a patient.

“My parents and grandparents both lived and grew up in Port Richmond. I spent many days there growing up. It was great to come back to the area,” Cirillo said.

Unlike most modern day pharmacies, the staff at Olde Philly pride themselves on the relationships they build with the people in the Port Richmond community. They offer free prescription pickup and delivery and make around 70 home deliveries each week to elderly patrons.

Technician Amanda Garret using a mortar and pestle to crush up a prescription.

“We have close relationships with these patients because many of them are elderly and can’t get out of the house too well,” Cirillo said. “They look forward to us coming because we try and spend time socializing with them. A lot of them don’t have anyone to talk to.”

Frequent customer, Samuel Miller, appreciates the kindness from Olde Philly’s employees.

“They are just really nice people. They deliver to my mother at least four times a week,” Miller said.

Being the owner of his own business, Cirillo likes the fact that he gets to set his own policies for his customers.

“As my own boss and owner, I can take better care of my patients,” Cirillo said. “If my patients are short on money and ask me if they can pay me in two weeks for their prescriptions, I work with them.”

Along with the home deliveries, Miller appreciates that Cirillo is willing to be competitive with the cost of prescription drugs.

inside pharm.
Inside Olde Philly Pharmacy

“They do a very good job with matching prices compared to other pharmacies and are usually cheaper too,” Miller said.

Not only do customers appreciate the uplifting atmosphere of the Pharmacy, but its employees do also.

“We are like a family. We are all so close,” said pharmacy technician Amanda Garret.

Besides helping out the Port Richmond community, Cirillo also enjoys giving back to his alma mater.

He started a partial scholarship for Temple University’s School of Pharmacy that is given out every year.

“It was a way to give back to the university that I am very fond of, and to also help dedicated students who don’t have the financial ability to pursue their career,” Cirillo said.

– Text and images by Catherine Palmer and Angelise Stuhl


  1. Love this! There aren’t many businesses with this “family first” atmosphere anymore. Very grateful for Jim Cirillo and his pharmacy that delivers to my grandmother each week.

  2. What a great article . It is nice to
    read such a positive story. We really need stories like this that make you smile.

  3. The kid must have gotten his intelligence, customer and interpersonal relations skills, and sensitivity training from caring and outstanding parents !

  4. Jim is a man of his word..He’s more than just a pharmacist, he treats you like a friend..His staff ho out of their way to make sure your satisfied with your visit..I wish olde Philly only the best in the future..God bless and good luck..

  5. Very nice to see the good people at Olde Philly getting some well deserved props for the extra mile they go for their customers!

  6. Jim and his crew are the best!!!! I have never had a pharmacy be so accommodating. I am so glad he is In Port Richmond, because he is the only pharmacy I will ever use. Jim is a great guy who does whatever he can to help you.

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