Ridge Avenue: Local Center Helps Seniors

Members of the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center talking while enjoying some refreshments.
Members of the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center talkwhile enjoying some refreshments.

While some member of the older communities in Northwest Philadelphia choose to stay within the confines of their homes, others venture to a place where they can be themselves with others their age.

The Martin Luther King Older Adult Center, located at 2010 W. Cecil B. Moore Ave., has been serving the local community since 1971. Along with offering great activities for the older community, the center also offers lunch and vacation trips at a discounted price.

“We serve lunch for about 60 people each day,” said Dawn Perry, center social worker and acting center director, “Tomorrow is bingo, so you will have people that wont necessarily come for lunch but they will show up for bingo because bingo is after lunch.”

Dawn Perry works at her desk at the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center.

The center services roughly 100 senior citizens each day and has close to 850 members that use the center throughout the week. Along with being a member comes a membership fee, which is only $5 per year along with donations for the center’s services.

“We only charge the citizens $5 per year and accept minimal donations,” explained Perry. “We charge 50 cents per lunch which is served from 11:30 a.m. through 12:30 p.m. daily.”

Among the regulars at the center is Richard Bostic, who was formally part of the Philadelphia Citizens In Action.  Bostic comes to the center daily to interact with fellow senior citizens.

“I have been coming to the center for 10 years,” said Bostic. “I like coming to the center to talk to the guys that are older than me to gain more knowledge.”

Local community activist Earl Lively speaks to the members of the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center.

The center offers daily activities that have been both recommended by the customers of the center and other outside organizations. From Bible study to line dancing, local seniors will be able to find something to do at the Martin Luther King Older Adult Center.

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