Francisville: Summer Heat Makes Business Pick Up

Sam Zayed told a customer know they are closed.

Cousins II Pizza and Grill, located at 1500 Ridge Ave., has only been in the area for four months, but is already experiencing a higher demand.

Currently, business is not where owner Sam Zayed wants it to be.

“It is not bad but could be better,” Zayed said.

However, with more people out of school and it being too hot to cook sometimes, business is picking up. Zayed has also distributed more menus around the area.

One trend Zayed picked up on is the lack of breakfast options for nearby businesses, like the charter school or halfway house. Cousins will offer breakfast in two weeks.

The area is mainly residential with few other food options, mostly Chinese take out places, so any food business is a welcomed sight. Temple University students have moved in about a block away and order from the place a lot as well as other residents. It is interesting that students are starting to expand out from Fairmount or closer to campus for housing.

It might seem like a bad neighborhood at a glance, but Zayed likes it here.

“It is a good area and good neighborhood. There have been no problems,” Zayed said.

Judging by the amount of calls after close on Sunday, Cousins will stay part of the neighborhood family for years to come.

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