Mount Airy

Northwest Market Promotes Locally Grown Food] The local foods movement means a lot to the city of Philadelphia. During a time when obesity and health-related issues plague society, many are turning to fresh, locally grown produce. Economically, however, it could […]

Mount Airy

Mount Airy: Surviving 365 Days of Construction] Joan Egler has always been a fan of Victorian-style architecture. This helps with the noise from the new construction renovating SEPTA’s dilapidated Allens Lane Rail Station in Philadelphia’s West Mt. Airy section. Cresheim Road […]

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Germantown: A Record Revival]] For roughly a century, the primary medium to play back recorded sound was via the phonograph. Phonographs, which became vinyl records in the 1940s, are those large black discs your parents may have […]


Germantown: First Annual Community Café Local residents convened Sunday afternoon at the Sedgwick Theater for the first annual Community Café. The event, co-sponsored by Neighborhood Networks and MARCHinG for Change, created a forum for people in the community to […]


Mount Airy: Market Promotes Healthy Ways

[local /files/2009/11/] The Weaver’s Way Co-op is a community-owned market in Mount Airy. Among other things, the co-op has committed itself to addressing the epidemic of childhood obesity throughout northwest Philadelphia and does so through […]