Feltonville: Wednesdays at Wyoming Avenue Baptist Church Offers Community Bonding

Deacon Walter Rice served food for taco night.
Deacon Walter Rice served food for taco night.

Last Wednesday, a single file line extended from one end of the food table to the entrance doors. It was taco night at Wednesday at Wyoming and those who were not waiting in line sat in groups eating and talking to friends.

Starting promptly at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday, the historical Wyoming Avenue Baptist Church, located at 123 E. Wyoming Ave., offers the community two hours of activities.

“Every Wednesday we provide food for low-income families that cannot afford it,” said Jason Martinez, a deacon of the church and resident of the community.

Martinez said the church not only greatly impacts individual families, but also the community as a whole. After dinner, visitors are afforded the chance to participate in a variety of programs. Some of the programs include English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for native Spanish speakers, Bible study for adults and a youth group for teenagers and children.

Residents of the community enjoyed hot food and good conversation with friends.

Aside from the weekly programs, one of the events Martinez said he is proudest of is the Family Fall Festival. The event takes place every year during Halloween and consists of the church closing down the block to provide a safe environment for the children to enjoy themselves.

“We give out candy so that parents don’t have to worry about who it is coming from,” Martinez said.

The church has been in the community for 120 years and holds a rich history. Martinez said a picture hangs in the office as a remembrance of its humble beginning as missionary chapel surrounded by grassland and farms.

“This church is kind of like a lighthouse in the middle of the block because when people hear of Feltonville, they automatically think of this church,” Martinez said. “I love the church because we may live next to people for years and not know who they are but when we come here, everybody is family.”

The church can be contacted at 215-329-8295.

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