Nicetown: The Salvation Army Kroc Center

Mother and children enjoy the pool at Kroc Center

The Salvation Army Kroc Corps Community Center, which is located at 4200 Wissahickon Ave., is a recreational place where community residents are offered many opportunities.

The $72 million community center opened last November. The center has activities for teens from badminton, basketball, dodgeball, computer games and field games. The group exercise activities are aquafitness, and zumba and family “soul line” dancing. In order to benefit from all activities offered, Kroc has monthly membership rates for adults for $39 dollars and family size memberships range from $99  to $119. Kroc has personal training packages for additional money besides the membership’s rates. Kroc is also very nice place to have a pool side pool party. The pool is designed as a mini water park at an amusement park.

The facility is not only used for recreational purposes. Every Sunday Kroc has a worship center that have ministries from Sunday Morning Worship, Women’s Fellowship, Substance Abuse Counseling and Marriage Counseling. Remember Kroc is a Salvation Army and many donations are always being given to this facility. Kroc gives out scholarships for individuals and families for opportunities for the future. Already this center has been doing great things for the community.

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  1. I recently joined the Kroc Center the end of June. My anticipation of joining the swim class for my toddler has been disappointing, because there is no class the month of August! Bait & Hook

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