South Philadelphia: Over a Century of Deliciousness

Owner of Isgros Pastries, Gus Isgros, displayed homemade cannoli shells that would soon be filled.

No matter how much people fight temptation most give in every now-&-then to a little sweet treat.  And in South Philly many feel the best place to grab the tastiest of deserts is at Isgros.

Located at 1009 Christian Street near 10th, this pastry shop has been serving Philadelphians authentic Italian deserts for the last 107 years. And they’ve been keeping it in the family for the entire time.

“I was born to do this,” said Gus Isgros, the latest generation of this family owned business. “I love this. I’ve been doing it all my life.”

The small store regularly does big business. Sweet tooth ready customers pack the store  pacing up and down the glass cases trying to pick that desired selection from the dozens of homemade treats served up by Isgros and his staff. There is one delectable dish, however, that Isgros holds the highest praise for and this treat is embedded in the name of the store’s website,

“Cannoli,” said Gus as the smile grew larger on his face. “We literally sell thousands of them.”

Things haven’t changed much for the little shop in the century-plus its served the dessert loving public and Gus Isgros has no problem with that.

“Tradition stays the same here. And the fact that we maintain that mindset and won’t divert from that at all,” said Isgros.

This baker and his staff  at Isgros have been honored twice with Best of Philly awards, in 2000 and 2001, for their tremendous treats. For more information, log onto their website at

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