Hunting Park: New Lamp Posts Illuminate Park Streets

Workers installed lights along W. Cayuga St. in Hunting Park.
Workers installed lights along West Cayuga Street in Hunting Park.

In line with the revitalization project for Hunting Park, new lights were installed along the streets on Monday afternoon. These light posts are designed to further illuminate the park during the evening hours, making it safer for young kids and community members to travel through the park on their way home.

According to a recent survey completed by the Fairmount Park Conservatory, there are many people who walked through the park daily and others that frequent the park almost three and four times a day.

Leroy Fisher, a sports coach and resident of Hunting Park, said he thinks these lights have been a long time coming.

“We have a lot of kids that walk home through the park after practice at night,” Fisher said. “Since Daylight Savings Time, it has been getting dark much earlier and we’d rather not have the kids out too late.”

Fisher also serves as Hunting Park United’s founder and president. The group is comprised of residents, local leaders and representatives of various organizations that meet monthly to discuss future plans and needs for the people of Hunting Park. The new streetlights were just one result of those meetings.

“We do great work here and it’s good to see it come to fruition. We got the lights coming up now and a lot more in store for later,” Fisher said.

Community members happily welcomed the new additions to the park. Rita Haywood, a parent of one of the Hunting Park Aztecs, said she believes the lights would only better the reputation and aesthetics of the park.

“I’m glad to see all of the changes that are happening,” Haywood said. “The park is becoming safer for my kids, and I can worry a little less.”

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