Hunting Park: Generating Funds Amid a Recovering Economy

Fuentes sold goods to those who passed by.
Fuentes sold goods and baskets to those who passed by.

The majority of Hunting Park’s residents are middle-to-low-income families with the median salary sitting around $22,000. Amid a slowly recovering economy and already low earnings, families do what they can to accumulate extra funds in times of need. Some seek government assistance while others will run side businesses to generate added income.

Angel Fuentes, 26, is no stranger to part-time work and frequently sells items with his family in nearby neighborhoods for extra cash to help take care of close relatives.

“We’re out here selling some candy, balloons and other stuff. I only do it to help my sick uncle. All of my family pitches in and does what they can to help our own,” Fuentes said. “Don’t get it twisted though, I can definitely provide for myself and my own family.”

Fuentes was accompanied by other family and friends, including his cousin, Marisol Fuentes, who passed the time with her cousin.

“I’m an excellent cook, I have clients around here, Fairhill and over in Nicetown who love my food,” Fuentes said. “In this day and age, you have to be crafty and creative and use your talents to the best of your abilities. Not everyone can go to college so we got to fake it until we make it!”

Fuentes and his family frequently sell baskets and items based around major holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Independence Day throughout North Philadelphia.

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