Germantown: Shelter Provides Services for Homeless Youth

Youth worked in computer lab.

Covenant House opens its doors to troubled teenagers and young adults. Located at 31 East Armat St., this organization has been an outlet for youth with nowhere to turn since 2001.

When an individual walks through the doors of the Covenant House for assistance, there are no questions asked. They are offered a meal, a shower, a fresh set of clothing and a safe place to sleep.

Youth worked in the computer lab.

“We try to accommodate any young person that comes our way,” special events manager Aileen Callahan said.

Staff members aim to provide structure and a stable environment to keep youth off the streets. Occupants of Covenant House are assisted with gaining employment, education and vocation preparation.

“Once an occupant gets a job Covenant House takes 70 percent of their paycheck and sets up a savings account for them so they can have money once they leave the house,” Callahan said. “It teaches them the importance of saving money.”

Covenant House does not receive federal money. The majority of the house’s income has come from donations and fundraisers held throughout the year. The organization recently raised close to $300,000 through “A Night of Broadway Stars,” an event held at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in May.

Aside from the dedicated staff that works inside the Covenant House the organization also has an outreach team. This team canvasses the streets day and night in search of homeless youth to connect with and offer assistance. They hope to develop trusting relationships with the individuals, improving their lives one young person at a time.

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