Arts & Entertainment: Philadelphia’s Glass Making Culture – Philadelphia Glass Land Part 4

Philadelphia is a city full of artists. Glassmakers form one of the many communities that is making an international name for itself.

In this final installment of a four part documentary series titled, “Philadelphia Glass Land,” we take a look at the world of glassmaking through the perspective of one of these artists.

Germ, a nationally known glass pipe blower reflects back on his trip to the Tobacco Leaf Gallery in Flordia where he did demos and taught classes about his glass blowing techniques. Every glass piece featured are the finished works of him and his partner, fellow glass blower, Mr. Voorhees.

Germ Work 1 Germ and Friend Germ Work 2
Germ and his partner, fellow glass blower, Mr. Voorhees performed their magic for fans to see.

 Text, video and images by Holli Stephens

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  1. I am an artist with a patent pending idea….can you make me a specialty bottle of my design? And will you sign a non disclosure?

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