Arts & Entertainment: Philadelphia’s Glass Making Culture – Philadelphia Glass Land Part 3

Philadelphia is a city full of artists. Glassmakers form one of the many communities that is making an international name for itself.

In this third installment of a four part documentary series titled, “Philadelphia Glass Land,” we take a look at how the glass culture travels and how it has existed longer than most people think.

It starts out at the Salem International Flameworking Conference where “Jerome Baker” is introduced. He was taught under the legendary Bob Snodgrass and is one of the key figures on innovation pertaining to glass pipes. Paul Stankard, a legend in making florals encapsulated in glass, may not be a pipe maker, but currently teaches at Salem Community College where the conference was held. Many of his students have gone on to create glass pipes and he explains his feelings about the culture.

Glass Land 3 Square One

We then travel to Front Street Gallery, which is run by pipe makers JOP! and Elbo. They have a relativiely new gallery and were in the midst of putting on a show for fellow blower Chris Carlson. Elbo had also been invited to teach a class at the first government funded glass pipe making class.

Glass Land 3 Artist

In the last segment we travel to a warehouse studio space in Philadelphia where Rockstar glass works with two newer blowers, Justin Galante and Devin Sagan.

Continue to Philadelphia Glass Land Part 4 here.

 Text, video and images by Holli Stephens.

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