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Germantown: A Record Revival

https://vimeo.com/20374403] https://vimeo.com/20374450] For roughly a century, the primary medium to play back recorded sound was via the phonograph. Phonographs, which became vinyl records in the 1940s, are those large black discs your parents may have […]


Fishtown: Will Run for Beer

https://vimeo.com/20291164] Free beer was less than 10 minutes away but took 30 minutes to find. The meandering roads of Fishtown led to the winding streets of Kensington and then finally to the stark brick façade […]


Fairhill: Homeless

William Anderson Payne is under the bridge at Second and Indiana avenues. He stands beside freight tracks in a makeshift bedroom. The bed has risers and a headboard. Someone has managed to pull a garden […]


Germantown: Testing the Waters

A retired chemist and his volunteer group in Germantown prove that you are never too old to make an impact on the community. The Center in the Park Senior Environment Corps (CIPSEC), located at Germantown’s […]