For the past several months, Dee Patel has been covering mental health in the city. To introduce a new storytelling medium to Philadelphia Neighborhoods, she has turned her reporting into a podcast series.

An effort in Philadelphia to promote mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and emphasize prevention may have helped the state to improve in a recently released national ranking.

According to The State of Mental Health in America 2017, which was released in October of 2016, Pennsylvania was ranked number 15 in the nation in terms of mental health.

During the three years that this report has been released, Pennsylvania has improved from No. 15 to No. 9.

Health care professionals say mental health and self-care is increasingly becoming a priority. This series attempts to break the stigma and create a sense of community through these conversations.

The series consists of six episodes, released each Friday, beginning May 3. Each installment will be included here and linked to below.

May 3: Two Philadelphia Women Offer Stories of Hope to People of Diversity Amid Struggle for Mental Health
May 10: A North Philadelphia-based Therapist Uses Hip-Hop Therapy to Treat Trauma
May 17: As the City’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens, Can it Help Those Suffering from Mental Illness?
May 24: Study Finds Obesity is Direct Cause of Poor Mental Well-being
May 31: A Space Designed to Help Residents Stress Less is Opening in the City
June 7: Yoga has Mind/Body Connection for Positive Mental Well-being Benefits

As opposed to this important reporting being a one-sided conversation, we want to hear from you, about your thoughts on the story, as well as your experience in Philadelphia surrounding mental health. Your thoughts, observations, experience.

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