Center City

Flash Mobs: A New Social Phenomenon] Flash mobs are usually considered harmless, defined as mass group activities. However, the activities have been taking a turn for the worse as of late. Young people filled South Street last Saturday night in […]

Featured Stories

West Philadelphia: Tough Winter Brings More Potholes] [soundslide url=”” height=550 width=600] The next and newest battle drivers face after the long winter of severe weather conditions are the potholes plaguing the city streets as the rainy months of spring have begun. […]

Social Issues

Southwark: Historic Park Reinvigorated] With trees in bloom and birds chirping, dogs merrily walking and children happily playing, Jefferson Square Park would seem like any other neighborhood park in the city. But it has a history all its […]

Arts and Entertainment

Walnut Hill: Messages on the Wall] Throughout Philadelphia, murals brighten up neighborhoods and beautify industrial areas. However, for the residents of Walnut Hill the “writing on the wall” sometimes sends a controversial and confusing message to community members. On the […]