Northeast: Local Author Brings Neighborhoods to Life

Segal smiles with his first two books at his workplace on Frankford Avenue.
The Messenger, the first installment in the series, describes the coming of a messenger of God.

Glenn Segal is a man who talks fast. Earnestly and fervently dispensing his opinion and gesticulating animatedly while he discusses his novel series, Devine Intervention, he somehow manages to cover everything from the Grateful Dead to religious fanaticism to gang patrols from his youth in the Northeast in the space of an interview.

He’s obviously very bright, energetic and passionate about his work; he has very evidently poured his heart and soul into his books. Currently working two jobs–as an optician in Huntingdon Valley and at a local Prudential real estate office on Frankford Avenue–he writes constantly in his spare time as he finishes up the third installment of the series, titled Revelations, which is due out at the end of this year.

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