Northeast: Photo Business Takes Off

Rhianna Clark barely flashed a smile after a long day's work in the studio.
Rhianna Clark discovered early in her career that taking photographs of infants was one of her specialties. Photo courtesy of Rhianna Clark.

Taking a good photo is not something everyone can do. Some are good at it, some are not, but photographer Rhianna Clark said she always knew.

“I always loved taking photos and asked for the next best camera for my birthday,” Clark said. “But never once did I consider this as my career.”

Clark’s business, Rhianna Clark Photography, began by chance. After her husband was laid off in 2008 before the holiday season, she picked up a job at a mainstream portrait studio. She excelled quickly and many clients asked that she photograph events outside of the studio.

Rhianna Clark barely flashed a smile after a long day's work in the studio.

“I bought a DSLR camera that I could afford at the time and so began the beginnings of Rhianna Clark Photography,” Clark said. She opened the business in February, specializing in weddings, newborns, families, boudoir and band performances.

It is located at 3382 Red Lion Road, where she lives. For her, its location was ideal. “If I had the choice, I would stay right here in this area,” Clark said.

Despite juggling a business and family concurrently, Clark still finds time to improve her photography. She continuously self-critiques her work and accepts that it is far from perfect.

“I worked very hard to get to the point I am now,” Clark said. “And I will continue to work very hard.”

For more information on Rhianna Clark’s Photography, visit the¬†official website.

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