Technically Philly: Provides a Forum for Decisions

Dan Koch in the AppRenaissance office, where he currently works.
The Reckoner creator, Dan Koch, displayed AppRenaissance office’s statue of Pegasus.

Nearly a year old, quirky, online debate forum The Reckoner! crossed the 300,000 total unique visitors mark this month.

Launched in November 2011, The Reckoner! allows users to log in with either their Facebook or Google+ page to post questions with two possible answers, and in turn, other users vote on which option they prefer. It’s what Koch calls “The Thunderdome” for decision-making.

“People love to argue, and people love to feel that their opinions are validated by the world at large, that they’re of a group, that they have validation from the world around them,” said the 26-year-old Koch. Read more at, one of our partners at

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