Here is an Easy Method from our PN Student, Samara Grossel…

Lower Thirds:

Adding lower thirds is an easy process. The first step to add our banner to your sequence. The second step is to add text while layering it with your banner. Make sure to adjust the size and placement of your banner and text layers.

Adding titles:

  1. Select where you’d like to add a title on your Timeline and hit Command + T.
  2. Add your title and adjust the color, type and alignment.
  3. Add the title to your Timeline on V3.


We have a lower thirds banner image which you can download here.

Import this banner into your bin.

Easy Method from Samara Grossel:

**UPDATE: The latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC version changed the location of the title bar. To accomplish what is mentioned above, select File–>New–> Legacy Title.
See screenshot below to see where to find it…

1.) Title –> New Title –> Default Still

2.) Right click –> Graphic –> Insert Graphic
Choose graphic from desktop or whatever folder it’s in
3.) Drag graphic to make it smaller / edit opacity / etc.
4.) Insert text box using “T” on the left
5.) Click on the “X” and it will appear to the left with your other footage and imported media
6.) Drag from the bin to wherever you desire on the timeline on a separate video track
All Done 🙂