Kensington: Greensgrow Farms’ Abundant Plant Life


There is no lack of variety of plants available at the nursery at Greensgrow Farms. The bright greens, yellows, oranges and blues can quickly catch the gaze of any passerby of this wonderfully vibrant farm.

One highlight of the nursery is all of the new products available for sale. Since it reopened to the public in March of this year, Greensgrow now provides a multiple amount of gardening tools and products, including all-natural fertilizers. One of Greensgrow’s missions is to provide only organic products. So all of the fertilizers consist of natural minerals and such elements that are derived from hydrolyzed fish and seaweed. The wide selection of handmade pottery is another product that has never been previously sold at Greensgrow.

The items that steal the show, though, are the bounty of plants that Greensgrow Farms provides. A person with a green thumb would be in awe of the endless varieties that are available in the nursery. Greensgrow provides many classes of plants, including perennials, annuals, tropical plants, grasses, herbs, fruit trees and has started to sell succulents and water plants, as well.

By having the nursery slightly divided into sections for these different classes of plants, it’s easy to distinguish what plant belongs to what family of plants.

The perennials are divided up between the perennials and native perennials (native perennials are ones that are indigenous to the North American landscape). An example of a native perennial would be a Black-Eyed Susan or Echinacea. A regular perennial that Greensgrow has is the Sundrop (Oenothera fruitcosa) and Coreopis Early Sunrise (tickseed).

Some annuals available are the Whopper Orange (thunbergia) and Silver Lining (helichrysum petiolare). Grasses include Blue Dune (Leymus) and Feather Reed Grass (Calamagrostis acutiflora).

The water plants add a refreshing glance at unique plants that a gardener could add to spruce up his or her garden. Beautiful water lilies and Giant Reed (Arundo donax) would do well in warmer weather, while the tropical plants, such as the Honeybush (Melianthus) would have to be maintained in an even warmer climate.

Another odd and very rewarding type of plant would be a form of succulent plant (water-retaining plant). Since they can adapt to arid climates and dry soil conditions, this form of plant would be perfect for any type of home or garden. Examples of succulent’s plants that Greensgrow has available would be aloe plants and cacti.

For more information on these plants or to see other varieties available, visit the Greensgrow Farm website at

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