Collen Tshazi has lived most of his life in Kliptown where he now works with KYP to educate the young Kliptown residents.
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Youth Program Lifts Up Community

Like many recent college graduates Collen Tshazi returned home after earning his degree.  Unlike most young twenty-somethings it wasn’t the comforts of home or the need to save money that brought Tshazi back to where […]

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Winter Worship on the Koppies

[vimeo 72364615] African Independent Churches use the Melville Koppies Reserve for their Sunday services and combine African traditions with Christianity. Dozens attend services on this ridge each weekend to worship Christ in their community. Written, produced, […]

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Water: The Issues of Supply in South Africa

[vimeo 72431772] In 2025, it is predicted that the water levels in South Africa will hit dangerously low levels. Anticipating this dire circumstance, Temple University journalism students talked with representatives from two organizations attempting to solve this […]