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Powelton Village: Hope and Refuge for Struggling Veterans

[soundslide url=”https://smcsites.com/soundslides/uploads/sp1107mantuahousingjamaitus/” height=550 width=600] The Veterans Group, located at 32nd and Baring streets, is an organization that provides help to former soldiers dealing with homelessness in Philadelphia. The goal of the program is to give […]

Police and Communities

Strawberry Mansion: The View from the Street

Derrick Ford is the self-proclaimed “mayor” of North Philadelphia and he is known as “Rick” in Strawberry Mansion. Not only does he work for the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health, a funding source for substance abuse treatment, but he is also a licensed therapist and a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department’s “Heads Up” program, where he speaks out on the danger and reality of drugs. […]