Strawberry Mansion: Battling Vacancy

In Strawberry Mansion housing runs the gambit from centuries old, protected historic mansions to the vacant, burnt-out shells of abandoned residences. The neighborhood also offers a nearly three-mile stretch of scenic and leisurely driving on […]


Germantown: First Annual Community Café Local residents convened Sunday afternoon at the Sedgwick Theater for the first annual Community Café. The event, co-sponsored by Neighborhood Networks and MARCHinG for Change, created a forum for people in the community to […]


Mantua: Food Not Bombs A heavenly aroma spills outs from a bubbling pot of potato squash soup in the basement of the Cavalry Church. Claire Smith quickly turns down the burner and goes back to preparing three large […]

North Central

North Central: A Center for AIDs/HIV Patients

The Calcutta House is a non-profit organization that provides housing and support services for people living with AIDS in the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area. More than 20,000 Philadelphians are living with HIV/AIDS. At any given time, one third of all Americans living with HIV/AIDS are either homeless, or in danger of losing their housing. In a city where homelessness is an unremitting problem, and at its highest rate in the past ten years, housing for those that are infected with the disease is a sure fire way to prevent the spread of AIDS. […]


Ludlow’s Identity Crisis

“It looks nice, but they’re still shooting like it’s Iraq out here,” said Shawn Govan when asked about all the new and rehabbed housing being built in the Ludlow neighborhood. This statement was promptly shot […]