PAWS: Speaking for Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves

Through donations and volunteers, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) rescue aims to save as many unwanted animals as possible.  When the SPCA cannot hold anymore stray or abandoned animals, PAWS steps in and houses the often very sick and very old animals in order to save them from being killed.

A few lookers popped in, but few were adopting. Still, the staff was hopeful that each and every animal would eventually find a permanent home.


  1. Great video — and those are adorable animals! One thing to note….Animal Care & Control has it’s own Lifesaving Department that works with dozens of rescue groups/other shelters. PAWS is one of the rescue groups they work with, but they’re not actually affiliated with the Animal Care & Control.

  2. I enjoy the article and the reporting was very good im a dog lover and im glad to see that ther are so many groups and programs out there for these dogs and cats. The video was great.

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