Germantown: Now You Really Can Join The Circus

The people here make this look easy

If your looking for fun and to learn a new skill, than The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts may be the place for you. But note, that while the high-flying tricks on the rope looks fun, it is also a lot of work. Jonathan Perry, one of the juggling instructors, says being able to pull the weight of your body takes more than just arms. Your core needs to be fit. There are no physical requirements to take one of the class and the instructors will work with you and at your pace in order to master your skills.

Kendra shows her class the ropes
Kendra shows her class the ropes.

With class size limited to four to six students and most running over one hour, the learning process is smooth and intimate. Each session runs eight weeks and most students we spoke with are taking more than one class per session.

The school opened its doors in last June and already has 250 students. According to the instructors, enrollment keeps growing as time goes on. And the classes aren’t just for kids and young adults. People of all ages are welcome to join in. The school also offers family classes, private lessons and hosts specialty parties or events.

Where is the school going to be in the future? Right now there are no plans for physical expansion, but Director Shana Kennedy says, “We are continually expanding the programs within the school, adding more components of acrobatics, physical theater, different classes for kids and aerial dance.”

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