Port Richmond: Pharmacy Values Community

Mitesh Patel searches through the prescriptions in the back of the store.


Norm Kauffman fills a prescription.

A small, family-run establishment, the Port Richmond Pharmacy works hard to provide community members with quality care but also tries to make the people of this diverse area feel they are at home when they enter. Brothers Nicholas and John Masino took over as owners of the pharmacy in 2004 in the building that was once a movie theater. They have turned the pharmacy into a neighborhood institution winning “Best of Port Richmond” three straight years in a row.

Located at 2512 E. Clearfield St., the pharmacy is truly a family-run business. The brothers’ sister, Gerry Masino is the manager and in charge of human resources. Many of the three Masino siblings’ children also work there, helping out with the business in different ways from answering phones to aiding the pharmacists.

With such diversity in the neighborhood of Port Richmond, the pharmacy prides itself on extending their idea of the “family friendly” business to make customers feel at home no matter what ethnicity they are or language they speak.

The pharmacy caters to the community in more ways than selling medicine to their customers. The staff at Port Richmond Pharmacy makes sure customers feel at home by having the ability to speak many different languages. There is always a Polish speaking staff member at all times with Albanian and Spanish speaking workers available as well.

Since there is such a large Polish population in the neighborhood the pharmacy stocks Polish products such as medicines that have the directions and ingredients written in Polish and they also carry Polish greeting cards. You will also find medical brochures written in other languages like Spanish.

A cashier helps out a customer.

To increase community involvement the Port Richmond Pharmacy holds many events open to customers and other city residents alike. It also offers a flu clinic that is free to the public with shots provided by the city of Philadelphia. As Christmas approaches one of the owner’s sons comes in dressed as Santa to entertain children.

Customer Jose Martinez enjoys the events and especially appreciates the pharmacy’s Christmas event. “Every year I look forward to taking my family to visit Santa here,” Martinez said.

Port Richmond Pharmacy’s efforts to engage the community and support the diversity found in the neighborhood make it a unique establishment. With many chain store pharmacies located all over the Port Richmond area many people choose to patronize the Masinos’ store because of the family values and the willingness to take extra steps to help the customers.

Mitesh Patel searches through the prescriptions in the back of the store.


  1. I have had ONE prescription filled elsewhere…you know, one of those huge, box-type RX Retail almost everything-sometimes-open-all-night type chains, you know the type without me mentioning the name. But, at the behest of my housemate, i got a prescription filled at Port Richmond Phrmacy and I have ALL my meds filled there now. Besides it’s historical status (the old Clearfield Theatre)[movie house], the staff and management are friendly, knowledgable and thorough.
    I appreciate Port Richmond Pharmacy–and wish we had more “Main Street” type small business owner operated stores like them in the community. Unfortunately, we’ve fallen prey to the big-box retailers and some of our retailers have fallen prey to the loss of business they bring…
    Rumor has it…one such big-box retailer is on its second run at a location in Port richmond…and this time we may not be able to stop them.
    Meanwhile, I’m staying put…or, at least my RX orders will…only at Port Richmond Pharmacy. Got that doc….call it in…email it,…but I ain’t goin’ nowhere else!

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