Walnut Hill: Reality of Rough Times

This hangs in the window of a house in the neighborhood.


Tony Rodriguez has seen a loss of customers. He blames the economy.

Making a critical decision to get a hair cut or pay a bill leaves many under close watch of how their money is spent. Current economic conditions are getting worse. Money has become tight for many people of Walnut Hill, but others have managed to find ways to modify budgets and create other economic opportunities.

Adam Mack works full time for the Johnson Security Co. The average age of a security guard at his company is 30 years old with a family to support. As contracts float away, downsizing within the company is evident.

Tony and Adam Mack are great neighborhood friends.

“[Employees] are trying to make it. It’s a struggle for everybody. We don’t know [if] we are coming out this recession,” Mack said.

Mack acknowledged recuperation from this continually declining economy is not easy. He predicted recovery will take awhile.

“What are they going to do, sell cookies,” Mack said.

Baltimore Pet Shop owner, Courtney Tripp, has found a sweet solution within the tremendous economic gloom of the neighborhood.  According to Tripp, since the store’s opening in November 2009, the shore has had great business.

“People thought I was crazy [to start a new business], but people love their pets,” Tripp said.

Nevertheless, Walnut Hill residents hope for relief.

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