Philly Lolitas: Japanese Street Fashion]

“Lolita” is a Japanese fashion subculture that blends Victorian-style clothing with real-life Japanese animation flair. The style’s origins are heavily debated within the community but gained  significant popularity in the Harajuku district of Tokyo in the early 1990s.

The “Lolita” and “Goth Lolita” style have cultivated a substantial amount of  global exposure in the past decade after Phaidon Press published a compilation of books, Fruits and Fresh Fruits, based on the magazine of the same name that photographically chronicled  the wild fashion of the Harajuku district at its peak in the late 1990s. The increased global popularity of manga and anime have also had a strong influence on the widespread interest and growing popularity of this unique way of dressing.

The Philly Lolitas are a tight-knit community that includes members from Pennsylvania, Delaware and  New Jersey. They connect through a Live Journal blog, where they arrange meetings, exchange information about clothing sellers and promote their own personal clothing lines. For more information about Philly Lolitas, see their Web site.


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