South Philadelphia: Tattoo Industry Hits the Mainstream

Owner and tattoo artist Anna Paige.

Anna Paige, 36, owner of No Ka Oi and an expert tattoo artist, has been working in the traditional Hawaiian style almost her entire life. Starting at the age of 18, Paige spent her time apprenticing and eventually practicing all forms of tattoo art on the island.

Owner and tattoo artist Anna Paige
Moving away from her homeland, she knew she would have to bring a piece, and not just a small one, along with her.Her studio, decorated with palm trees lining the walls, an open blue sky ceiling and stuffed wildlife cleverly placed around the studio, gives an air of comfort. “When I’m not in Hawaii, I refuse to acknowledge that I am not in Hawaii,” Paige says in a breezy tone.

There’s a certain fascination with body art that has in recent years become so feverously widespread and socially acceptable that where it used to be rare and taboo to find a young person with multiple tattoos or piercings, it’s much more common today.
Interested in body art, this group of friends admire the jewelry selection.
All of the various forms of body art have morphed into something that means more than just intimidation, status and pain; it now incorporates into all types of lifestyles, including the realm of expression, beauty, fashion, tradition and ritual.

No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo studio is a perfect example of these changes. Located in the heart of South Philadelphia at 601 South Fourth St., this Hawaiian-style tattoo and piercing studio is exactly the kind of environment the new generation of body art enthusiasts have been looking for.

Because all artists working out of No Ka Oi are independent subcontractors, Paige can call on 25 to 35 artists at any point in time throughout the year.
No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo on South Fourth Street

Offering expert service in several levels of tattoo art as well as piercing options, no one is permitted without proper identification, nor will service be provided if not felt by the artists and studio to be in the best interest of the client’s health and well being.

With the world changing in the direction of body art and expression and the use of body art as a means of venting that expression, there is piece of mind knowing there’s a place to go for the best atmosphere and care during that journey.


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    Thank you so much for this very sweet write up. You did a really nice job and I hope you get an “A” if this project was to go towards you grade. Any time you want to come an get a little something something, I will gladly be your girl friday 🙂

    Mahalo Nui Loa,
    Anna Paige

  2. Hi I Lyked to get some work done I seen a lot of your work in magazines & I am very intrested

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