Technology: Bridging the Digital Divide

According to a recent National Telecommunications and Information Administration report, 40 percent of Americans do not have broadband access. In Philadelphia, that number is slightly higher–48 percent, according to the Philadelphia Division of Technology. The grant money awarded to Pennsylvania through the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program–a part of President Barack Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act– will help fund projects in Philadelphia that target the problem of the digital divide–the gap between with sufficient access to information technology and those who do not. Of the total $310.4 million in stimulus funding awarded to the state, the city was granted $6.4 million, while other Philadelphia-based initiatives will benefit from allocations to organizations.

Center City: Urban Affairs Coalition Award Receives Grant to Increase Broadband Access

Northeast Philadelphia: Free Library System Depends on Federal Funding


  1. I’m not surprised. In my country it’s common when people use dial-up. But may be it’s good when not all people are so technology-dependent? When they can live without skype or youtube? But they also have their mobile Internet. So the statistics can be corrected.

  2. I am looking forward to Google coming to Philadelphia with the ultra-high speed Google bandwidth project. It should be great for this town. Lets all keep our fingers crossed!

  3. Man I had dial up for years cause I lived outside of the local towns, I’ve only had decent internet for the last few years.

  4. The times are changing now, people are going mobile and google is actively optimizing their products for mobile experience. Broadband will catch up but Mobile Internet is the future

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