Germantown: Salon Appeals to Unique Audience

Owner Joseph Sydney discusses how the shop is run.]

Owner Joseph Sydney discusses how the shop is run.

Eyelashes 4 U brings something to the Philadelphia area that cannot be found anywhere else in the region – a beauty shop that specializes in eyebrows and eyelashes, only. From the outside, it resembles a hair salon, but once inside, you won’t see any sinks or blow driers, just eyelash curlers, small scissors, a few toothbrushes and dye for eyebrows. In catering to this unique audience, Eyelashes 4 U finds itself as a provider of services that women cannot readily find elsewhere.

Started by Joseph Sydney six years ago, Eyelashes 4 U was the result of an idea suggested to Sydney while he was working in a barbershop on a customer’s eyelashes. Now, Sydney continues working with the various customers that come in and out of the shop. These customers, who can range from women of all ages to local celebrities, appreciate the unique services that the shop provides.

Owner Joseph Sydney showcases the various types of synthetic eyelashes available.

“On many occasions I’ve had customers talk to me about how getting their eyelashes and eyebrows worked on has made them feel more confident and better about themselves,” says Sydney.

He says he creates a custom look for each of his customers to make them feel special. He adds synthetic eyelashes to the natural eyelashes of his clients to enhance the look. Special moments like proms are great for the business, since it’s located right across the street from Germantown High School.

Eddie Woodbury has been working at the shop for three years after Sydney trained him. “The thing I like most about the job is the creativity,” Woodbury says. Eyelashes 4 U stands not only as just another shop in the city, but as a unique shop on its own. This allows the company to not only bring in new customers based solely on the unique name, but also because it helps those who walk into the shop to leave with a new mentality.

Owner Joseph Sydney describes one set of synthetic eyelashes.

Sydney plans to expand the business by remodeling the shop and adding a few new features. First, he plans to replace the pink and purple walls small stations with chairs placed in front of mirrors. He then plans to have fashion shows at the shop so his customers can get the full experience of having their eyelashes and eyebrows done, as well as full make up and a complete makeover to show off. Eyelashes 4 U is located at Germantown and Haines Street.

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  1. I must say that you are doing a great job,trust me if your salon for eyelashes was in my country,you would get so many clients.This is one thing that you rarely discover in different areas and yet women love shaping their eyebrows and many things concerning the skin.I pray that you expand your salon so as to get many clients.Great site

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