Northwest: Weavers Way Board of Directors Nominations Due

A man purchases some fresh and local products.

Shoppers make their way through the aisles of Weavers Way Coop.

Wednesday is the deadline to declare your interest in running for the Weavers Way Board of Directors.

Candidates are asked to submit a nomination form by Feb. 23 to run for one of four open seats in the co-op’s May 15 election. A board member serves a three-year term.

This year Weavers Way Board President David Woo hopes it will feel a little more like a political election. “There has never been a tradition of campaigning, but I would like to try to sponsor “Meet the Candidate” opportunities,” he said.

This would be in addition to the co-op’s usual election advertisements in The Shuttle, distributed at the three Weavers Way locations in Mt. Airy, Ogontz and Chestnut Hill, and on its website. “In the past we had to call shoppers from the store to come down to Summit Church to vote, but this year I am hoping there will be a bigger turnout,” said Woo. If members are unable to attend the election meeting, ballots will be distributed in stores as well.

All nominated members must be within good standing with the co-op to be eligible to run. This may include fulfilling hours at the co-op for working members as well as being up to date on member payments.

Nominees will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that asks, among other things, how he or she can help strengthen the co-op board.

Duties for board members include a monthly board meeting, bi-annual general member meetings and participation in committees that work toward bettering the community.

The Weavers Way co-op is based on the policy governance model that allows the board to focus on the larger issues and leave daily operations to the store managers. “We are not here to tell the manager of the location what refrigerator to buy, but make sure that in the future we will have the money to buy one,” said Woo.

When asked about the current board Woo said, “We’re an experienced and creative group. I find that I respect the group and they are willing to do the work.” Members of the board of directors are not traditionally compensated for their work, but they can expect a good dinner at the meetings said Woo.

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