Nicetown: Free Bread for Everyone

Reverend Vernetta Turner standing next to the free bread table.

Making a difference for the  people of Philadelphia is exactly what the Zion Baptist Church does.

Rev. Vernetta Turner stands next to the free bread table.

The church has been standing at 3600 N. Broad St. since 1973 after being rebuilt because of a fire. Across the street is the Zion Baptist Church’s Community Center and that is where most of the giving back takes place.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday members of the community can find a large table of bread and similar baked goods waiting in the lobby. These items are free for anyone to take. The donated bread comes from many different local grocery stores and markets.

“Anyone who needs bread can come in here and get it, usually it goes quick,” Zion Baptist Church member Mary Johnson said.

On Sundays the community center holds its outreach program Zion Cares. Each Sunday those who chose to participate are given a free dinner, which is followed by a worship service, and at the end of the evening there is a clothing drive.

“This program is to help those who are not quite ready for a formal service. A lot of them will come from local shelters,” said Rev. Vernetta Turner.

The 1,500-member church does its best to worship, give back and do whatever it can to keep this community strong.

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