Port Richmond: Mickey’s Unique Antiques

Mickey White posing behind an old dentist's chair.
Mickey White stands behind an old dentist's chair.

On the corner of East Westmoreland and Belgrade streets, Mickey White peddled an assortment of wares in a large brick warehouse previously known as Atlas Casket.  A furniture sign and an old dentist’s chair sit outside to catch passersby eyes.

Inside, old pinball machines, horse drawn wagons, sofas, bureau cabinets and more were scattered about. White restocks through purchases at auction and cleaning out homes. Although antiques and unique furniture could be found lining the walls, Mickey had his favorites.

“I had a 1920s-height chair,” said White. “Brass wheels, it was really nice.  We have an nice little old toy piano now.”

The goal of the business: to make rent. White said he flips items to make an extra buck, but a flea market atmosphere has always been present.

“I’m trying to get $25 for it, White said. “If a guy says will you take 20, I’ll take 20.  What I want and what I get are two things.”

White’s displays contained nearly every piece of furniture necessary for furnishing entire rooms. Located behind the now closed Nativity B.V.M school building and out of sight of Allegheny Avenue two blocks away, White survived through the help of his customers.

“We’ve got regulars, but because we don’t advertise we get people driving by with the chairs, you know, eye catchers,” said White. “People tell people.  My price is right.”

With all of his unique products, White’s shop is one of a kind in Port Richmond.

An old gas grill on display at Mickey's shop
An old portable potty for toddlers on display at Mickey's shop.
A toy piano with wooden keys on display at Mickey's shop.


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