Nicetown: Residents Want More From the Candidates

Sarah Solloman, who has lived in Nicetown for more than 50 years, said she and some of her fellow residents aren’t really interested in the city council race for the 8th District, one of the most competitive in recent years.

“People don’t have the enthusiasm they used to,” she said.

Longtime Nicetown resident Sarah Solloman shares her thoughts on the upcoming election and explains that she would like to see more appearances from the candidates.

She, like several others in the area, remain undecided on who they will vote for on in the May 17 primaries, but they blame their indecisiveness on the candidates themselves.

“I haven’t seen any candidates, no signs on lawns or nothing. If they want to get elected, they got to look in the communities and see what’s going on in our neighborhoods,” lifetime Tioga resident Tina Jackson said.

Each woman expressed their enthusiasm for voting. Both said they exercise their political voice at every opportunity. Solloman said she picks her candidate based on their platforms and records, while Jackson said she typically goes with the person who promises more jobs and better healthcare. Both agreed that it does not seem like many others in the community seem excited in the upcoming elections.

That comes despite that fact that there are seven candidates to replace longtime Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller.

One possible explanation for the lack of time with the candidates in smaller communities like this one is the growing use of the Internet and social media in political campaigns.

“If people want to get elected, they got to get out here. People just aren’t aware.  Technology changed everything.  They don’t’ have to really come out here anymore, it’s all online and you don’t get to see people,” Solloman said.


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