Powelton Village: Chic Afrique All Natural Body Butter

The Karite Healing Salve used for sensitive skin.
Victoria Onwuchekwa owner of Chic Afrique.

Women around the world are always conscious about their physical appearance. In order to maintain physical attractiveness women use skin creams, face washes and even medical procedures. Victoria Onwuchekwa, a native of Nigeria, has developed a way to serve the beauty needs of women using natural ingredients from Africa and Central America. Her product line, Chic Afrique, features a vast array of natural body butters, oils and soap bars that provide the results many women are looking for.

Working out of her showroom in Powelton Village, Onwuchekwa is a part of a family of pharmacists. She has her bachelors degree in Physiology and Pharmacy plus a Master  of Science degree in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetic Science. With her dissertation being focused around shea butter, she started her product line using this as a source ingredient. While Onwuchekwa’s educational background afforded her the opportunity to enter any field connected with her college degrees she discovered that being able to connect African traditional practices and cosmetics is her calling.

Marcia Packs sets up the jewelry display.

All the products and jewelry in the showroom on Lancaster Avenue near 38th Street are mixed and created by Onwuchekwa. All of the cosmetic products are hand packaged. Her extensive educational background gave her the knowledge of how to mix and use many of Africa’s natural nuts, seeds and herbs to help enhance the moisture in one’s skin. Not surprisingly, Onwuchekwa isn’t keen about sharing the steps she uses for creating her products.

Marcia Pack, who’s worked for Onwuchekwa since her start at the Gallery Mall in Center City, said her favorite product to use is Akuma. ” It has a fruity smell to it and it is smooth and soft and it lingers all day.” Being a long time employee Pack said she would recommend any of the products because the products are all natural.

The Karite Healing Salve.

One of the top selling Chic Afrique products that Victoria is Karite Healing Salve. This product healing is used for people with highly sensitive skin. Peck said, “I have eczema on my thumbs and when I started using that I have yet to see my thumbs open up.” Although Onwuchekwa cannot speak for all her customers since many shop online, she believes wholeheartedly in her products and is excited to be able to share the overlooked natural resources of Africa to create something that women all over the world can use. Those interested are encouraged to visit the website at www.chicafrique.biz or the showroom at 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue.



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