South Philadelphia: Classrooms Need the Web

Ly Nguyen teaches her students how to properly use computers.]

Ly Nguyen’s classroom on the fourth floor of George W. Nebinger School is a place where students can come, plug into their headphones and recognize something familiar: computers.

Nguyen’s classroom is currently the only computer lab at Nebinger. It houses 32 Macs for students to use to learn and explore technology in their education, something Nguyen finds to be important in today’s learning environment, especially since most children have computers in their homes.

“They are able to learn so much with technology,” Nguyen said in between two of the classes she teaches. “Before you would have to go through and dig through encyclopedias and books, but now everything is so up to date on websites and the Internet that they are able to find out so much more.”

Nguyen said she recognizes that although all students are accustomed to using computers, certain sites are more educational for different age levels.

“I created a WikiSpace for [students] to use, and it’s divided into grade levels,” Nguyen said. “Each grade level has a set of websites they can go on.”

In her first year as a technology lead for Nebinger, Nguyen uses her tech-saavy expertise to instruct other faculty members on how to best utilize technology in the classroom.

Over the summer, Promethean boards replaced smart boards in several classrooms. The boards – along with the Macs in the computer lab – allow for interactive lesson plans. Nguyen said she teaches herself the various programs in order to stay resourceful for other teachers.

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