Fairhill: Specialty Hats for Sale

Dan One, local business owner of When Writer's Attack looks at the events happening at the festival

The different types of hats are all colorful, different and unique.  Business seems to be steady but like the New York vendors, the businessman will occasionally haggle to be able to sell some.

“When Writers Attack” is a business owned and operated by one Dan One.  He sells handmade, spray-painted hats for a living.  He started off his career by doing artwork in his local area of South Philadelphia and was doing some business in Fairhill at Feria Del Bario.  All of his hats depict a different scene, famous person or leader as well as cartoon characters.

Dan One, local business owner of When Writers Attack, looks at the events happening at the festival.

“I like being my own boss,” One said.  Some aspirations for the future he has is to eventually open a full business.

He has been open for two years now and he said he believes the one thing that really hurts is that for someone who starts business as a street vendor, it becomes hard to get a steady business going, especially when the business is in an area where business is not steady.

For some independent business owners, like Dan One, it is hard to really get the business underway. But he said he’s willing to wait it out.

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  1. One’s shop in Philadelphia is not located in Fairhill, but can be found slightly south of Fourth and South streets in South Philly.

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