Brewerytown: October Host to Brewfest

Erin Dipper was pouring his personalized brew for a community member in Brewerytown.
Erin Dipper was pouring his personalized brew for a community member in Brewerytown.

Local breweries provided an Oktoberfest atmosphere at Mugshots coffee shop located at 28th and Girard streets. The event was dubbed “Brewfest” as members of the community filed in and sampled the coffee flavored beers that three local breweries showed off Thursday night.

Yards Brewing Co. is one of the largest breweries in Philadelphia and held the event to advertise its newest coffee brew. Worstbrewing and St. Benjamin’s Brewing Co. also came to Brewfest and are nano-breweries, which are companies that are not yet licensed to sell their product. These nano-breweries are trying to create a name for themselves by handing out samples of their homemade brews at events, such as Brewfest.

Erin Dipper represented Worstbrewing. His Brewfest original blend was named “coffee creamer stout.”

“It is a mocha dark chocolate flavor for a nano-brewery in the making,” said Dipper.

Doug Matchin explained to the Brewfest guests that his beer is meant to be light for people to enjoy the tase.

Doug Matchin represented Yards Brewery, which used the flavors from Mugshots coffee shop to alter their normal porter.

“We used the same coffee beans as they use here actually,” said Matchin.

Tim Patton has worked on bringing St. Benjamin’s Brewery to Kensington and has been operating out of his home in Fishtown for years.

“I’m trying to make everything about this brewery as local as possible. The honey used in this beer came from local bee hives in Philadelphia,” said Patton.

His beer “coffee clutch” seemed to be the most popular among the people in attendance. Jill Swadeway and Michael Patterson are just a couple of local Brewerytown residents who heard about Brewfest through some friends and decided to check it out.

“We love the St. Benjamin’s beer, it’s not as hoppy as the other beers and it has a rather enjoyable taste,” said Swadeway.

This was the first ever Brewfest. It was created by MM Partners to give the neighborhood something fun to do.

“We are in Brewerytown, so why not Brewfest?” said co-founder David Waxman.

The Brewfest event was created for two main reasons. The event worked to celebrate the huge beer history that is the name of Brewerytown. The event also helped to propel the success of these home grown breweries.

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