Center City: Occupy Philadelphia Dilworth Plaza Presence Decreasing

Philadelphia police gathered at the scene.

Occupy Philadelphia has thinned out since Mayor Michael Nutter gave the protesters an eviction notice for 5 p.m. Sunday. Some protesters on the site still refuse to leave. The group still remaining is currently figuring out their next move.

Police officers have been gathering on the site to oversee the removal process. The occupiers have been giving people ample time to move elsewhere and so far there has been no violence.  However, the protesters refusing to abide by the eviction notice may be arrested if they don’t move soon.


Randy Quinn has sent up a table at Paine Plaza.

Across the street, a child-sized table has been set up on the Thomas Paine Plaza. The owner of the table, Randy Quinn, has a city permit to occupy and hold demonstrations at that space. He has been trying to get other protesters to join him and avoid conflict with police and the city. Quinn is part of the Occupy Philadelphia group called Reasonable Solutions. RS is currently trying to help relocate protesters at Dilworth Plaza because of the eviction.

On Quinn’s table was a note that includes RS’s initiative and its goals. Reasonable Solutions said it has helped relocate people by,  “assisting the houseless population of Dilworth Plaza in their self-organized efforts to relocate from Occupy Philly to a self-contained community of their choosing. We were happy to help,” according to a note left on their table.

Protesters remained at Dilworth Plaza despite the notice to evict.

Meanwhile, members of the Occupy Philly General Assembly remaining on Dilworth Plaza continued to meet on Monday. They still had access to the Friends Center at 15th and Cherry streets for meals and meetings. The Friends Center is a main location where representatives of the City of Philadelphia and Occupy Philly have held meetings.


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