Port Richmond: Homeless Set Up Tents Under I-95 Overpass

Maryanne Omelchuk stands proudly outside her tent.
Maryanne Omelchuk stood proudly outside her tent.

Some of the Occupy Philly protestors, many of them homeless, have set up tents in Port Richmond after being evicted from outside of City Hall.

Some of them have set up their tents underneath the I-95 overpass along Richmond Street. Most of them arrived at the location on Sunday night, when the eviction notice was set for Dilworth Plaza.

“We came here Sunday night. First we were over there, across the street, but they made us move. So we came here,” said Maryanne Omelchuk, a woman from the group camping out under I-95.

The group of homeless people currently staying in Port Richmond don’t know how long they can stay there or what their next move will be. A police officer was sitting underneath the I-95 overpass as well, keeping an eye on the situation.

“He’s here to protect us,” Omelchuk said.

The homeless population have set up their tents underneath the I-95 overpass.

“I think it says a lot about the city’s priorities. This is who they need to help, not the rich college kids protesting in front of City Hall or wherever they are now. The city has its own movement now, of homeless people who need a lot more help than anyone else,” said Alicia Greyson, a resident of Port Richmond.

For now, the homeless population that have moved to Port Richmond and their tents can stay in this location. At any moment the city can give them orders to leave and they will have to relocate yet again.

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  1. The tent group is gone! The property is owned by PennDOT and they can’t work while homeless people are there. Someone didn’t do their homework…didn’t that homeless advocate know there was MAJOR construction happening there?

    Plus, the neighborhood is stable and coming up…people just won’t put up with having them there. I bet people would have made them leave if they weren’t evacuated.

    I feel bad that the city has no help for these people…

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