Strawberry Mansion: Inspirational Art

Mayor Nutter helped paint a picture of a sun.]

With the help of Mayor Michael Nutter at the scene, the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program created a mural for the Phillyrising Collaborative at a recent community cleanup in Strawberry Mansion.

“We truly believe that art has the power to lift up communities and inspire people to transform their lives,” said Jane Golden, director of the Mural Arts Program.

She said she hopes the latest mural on the 2700 block of Sterner St. will do just that. It is a bright motif of different suns facing a large vacant lot residents helped to cleanup. The area is overrun with empty lots and abandoned homes but Kathleen Hughes, the artist, said she sees beauty everywhere.

“There are a lot of things that can make a neighborhood great, and there are things that don’t, “she said. “But, that doesn’t mean your view of an eyesore can’t be changed.”

Residents on the block said they are especially thankful they have an inspirational mural to look at when they leave their homes. “It’s just beautiful,” said Eric Joseph, who lived on the block for 30 years. “I think when people look at it they would feel a sense of pride for area and want to make some positives changes around here.”

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