Fairhill: Local Pharmacy Uses Clever Marketing Strategy

Philadelphia's Pharmacy owner Richard Ost gave away a 42 inch television.

For many business owners, making marketing decisions that generate profits all while giving back to the community is difficult, even in a thriving economy. So how can an owner achieve this feat when the economy is less than perfect?

Richard Ost, owner of Philadelphia’s Pharmacy, has figured it out.

Philadelphia's Pharmacy owner Richard Ost posed next to a winner of a new television.

Philadelphia’s Pharmacy owner Richard Ost given away multiple 42-inch television sets through raffles.

“I asked my staff what were some good things to give away to generate a buzz for the pharmacy,” Ost said. “They came up with the idea of raffling off a 42-inch television. We have been doing it now for the past several months.”

Although Ost has owned the pharmacy for 27 years, raffling big-screen televisions and other high-priced electronics as a means of advertising his business has been a recent-yet cost effective-marketing strategy.

“A 40-inch television costs about $400 dollars,” Ost said. “A continual advertisement in a newspaper or on television is viewed less and is more expensive.”

Ost explained the contest is open to anyone who wants to participate and costs nothing to enter. The raffle has generated significant interest, which has translated into new business. Each day in the month of December, through Christmas, the pharmacy gave away a television. Ost said local customers couldn’t help but hear the around-the-clock chatter of the latest drawing and raffling information.

“We’re not just here to make money,” Ost said. “We want to show our customers we truly appreciate them, and I think the community sees that.”

The next television drawing will be held in mid-February.



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