Germantown: Lucien Crump Resource Center Seeks to Help Children and Women

Loretta Tate sat and spoke about the programs aimed to help children and women.

The Lucien Crump Gallery Art Education Resource Center, located at 6380 Germantown Ave., was founded during the mid-1970s by Lucien Crump. Since his death, his wife Loretta Tate has taken over the center. In 2008, the center became a not-for-profit organization to keep her husband’s legacy.

Loretta Tate spoke about the programs aimed to help children and women.

The mission of this resource center is for youth and women to help build self esteem through art. “We use art to build positive self concepts,” Tate said. The founder was always compassionate towards these two groups, therefore, two programs have been created in order to help youth and women with issues they may be experiencing.

Art from the Heart was created in order for women to express their emotions through paintings and drawings that they may not be able to verbally express. Art from the Heart with Photography/Videography is the children’s program which targets youth who may be experiencing grief or loss. This after-school program for children runs from October until June.

“What is said here stays here because it is important for them to build trust in us,” Tate said. Many of these children have anger issues so it is essential that the children feel secure with Tate and the two other volunteers.

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