Fairhill: Gisone’s Images Captures All

Gisone and Lopez met to pick out pictures from a recent wedding that they both attended.
Gisone and Lopez picked out photos from a wedding they recently attended.

Residents of Fairhill looking for a photographer or travel agent need look no further than Gisone’s Images.

Located at 2728 N. Fifth St, Gisone’s Images has been serving the community since 1992. Lazara Gisone, who runs the store with her husband, Marcelo, went to school for photography, but she said she gained experience in other ways.

“The main source of my knowledge is from out on the field shooting and from my father,” Gisone said. “He was a photographer, so it’s practically in my blood.”

Many of the store’s walls are lined with photos, tangible reminders of years of work. Other walls feature the Gisone family’s camera collection.

Gisone said she thinks what separates her business from any other photography store is the family atmosphere she’s fostered.

“I go in there and treat everyone like family, and I try to have my photographers be the same way,” Gisone said.

Claritza Lopez has been coming to Gisone’s Images since she was a young girl and her parents got their family portraits taken. Lopez said she believes that the service is flawless.

“She’s awesome,” Lopez said. “From their pictures to the way they treat people, they’re just great.”

The store specializes in family portraits, birthdays and Holy Communion photos. Even though most of the income is generated by photography, the store also doubles as a travel agency. They acquire airplane tickets for customers and find the best deals available.

Gisone said she hopes that the shop continues to prosper in the future when she is done running it.

“Even if my grandchildren don’t run it, maybe one of my customers that like photography can, because I’d hate for the name to be gone completely,” Gisone said.

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